Opportunity for budding business owners to appear in Channel 5 show

New documentary will feature aspiring UK entrepreneurs who are "leaving the rat race" and relocating to start a business...

Channel 5 is looking to find entrepreneurial couples and families planning to start a business for a new documentary.

The show will focus on aspiring business owners who are relocating to a new UK location and “leaving the rat race” for a career and lifestyle change.

This change could be starting a bakery in a new town, moving to the countryside to run a farm, or even moving to the seaside to start a surf shop or watersports business.

The documentary will air later this year and is open to UK residents.

Matt Fagan of Pi Productions commented:

“We do feel that this is a brilliant opportunity for “life changers” to feature themselves and their new venture on a prime time documentary, and inspire other people in the process. We are keen to feature positive and aspirational stories.”

To find out more about the documentary or to apply to appear on the show, contact