Blackpool Tourism Academy – Investing in Skilled People

Claim 80% back on training staff in Leadership and Management, Spectator Safety, Presentation and Selling Techniques. If your organisation operates in the ‘visitor economy’ and therefore meets the eligibility criteria, you can claim back 80% of the cost of the training programmes below through an Employer Ownership of Skills Funded project at B&FC.

The Blackpool Tourism Academy (BTA) was formed as a consortium between the leading employers in Blackpool’s Tourism economy. The BTA successfully secured £1 million of government funding (Employer Ownership Pilot (EOP) with a commitment to the skills of the regions tourism employees and a commitment towards ‘Destination Blackpool’ and its ceremonious service excellence.

Now in Year 3 of the project and with funding still to utilise the scheme is looking for wider, tourism centric business engagement.

The Following conditions apply;

  1. Must be a tourism related business
  2. Must be within the FY postcodes
  3. Must pay the full cost and is refunded the subsidy (up to 80%) by Blackpool Council directly (this will be within 2 or 3 months of commencement)
  4. Must be invoiced and paid by employers and not individuals (exception self-employed individuals (HMRC registered)

Blackpool and the Fylde College in collaboration with Blackpool Council utilise a historic and award winning commitment to hospitality and tourism sectors, complimented by online learning resources and modern campus facilities.

In putting together the profile for 16/17 the College has been guided by the resorts attractions, collating courses which meet industry landscapes.

The full course profile can be found here and specific delivery dates will be confirmed on full allocation of places.

*available places are subject to capacity

To find out more, please contact Carrie Brown on 01253 504372 or 07475681201 email: or